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Youth Commission promotes reading of DOCAT

HONG KONG (SE): The Diocesan Youth Commission (DYC) is helping with the promotion of the newly published Chinese version of DOCAT as it can support the faith formation of young people on Catholic social teaching in Hong Kong.
In April this year, Claretian Publications Macau and Kuangchi Cultural Group, Taiwan have co-published the Chinese version of DOCAT. 
Francis Law Wai-chung, from the DYC, told Kung Kao Po that the DOCAT is a good guidebook in itself as it was written in simple language and the ideas are presented in creative ways, which can attract young people’s attention. He believes young people in Hong Kong will find it much easier to understand as the book is in Chinese.
Law first organised study groups on the YOUCAT from 2012 to 2016.  At the end of 2016, he formed another group for studying the DOCAT in which members discussed the practical catechism and Catholic social teachings as explained in the new text with help of printed material and smartphone apps.
He said youth pastoral workers tend to deal with catechism more often, while social teachings are rarely talked about. To explain the principles of social teachings, Law believes that a more interactive approach is needed in its formation work so as to help them live out the social teaching of the Church. The study group on DOCAT conducts discussions on news from around the world and prays for needy people in the world. For example, it also issued a statement on ‘respect for life’ after the life-support of an infant was removed in Britain earlier this year. 
The DYC has encouraged young people to read the Chinese version of DOCAT by preparing 1,000 copies available for parishes and schools to order. 
With a subtitle “what to do” basing on Catholic social teaching, DOCAT is the follow up of YOUCAT (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church). The former was released in 2011 during World Youth Day in Spain, while the latter was released during the WYD in Poland in 2016. 
The DOCAT has 328 questions and answers contained in 12 chapters. The chapters cover numerous practical topics on love, the Church’s social mission, the human person, principles of the Church’s social teaching, family, work, economic life, political community, the international community, the environment, peace and love in action. These chapters are patterned after the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. 
Pope Francis said in its introduction that he hopes that the book will help to change the minds of young people, the environment and then the whole world with the power of the Gospel. 
The Chinese version of DOCAT is also on sale in Catholic Centre in Hong Kong and at the Claretian Publications in Macau.

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