CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Book fair a way of evangelisation

HONG KONG (SE): Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung blessed the booths of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong during a prayer service held on July 18 to mark the opening of the seven-day annual Hong Kong Book Fair at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre, Wanchai.
Blessing the diocesan booths and the participants present, Bishop Yeung said that the diocese takes part in the book fair because Christians have to put into practice the ministry of evangelisation, and it is to share the message of the gospel. 
Twelve Catholic publishing houses and bookstores are participating in the Catholic section of the book fair, located inside Hall 3 of the venue. 
Volunteers at the Catholic Truth Society and Catholic Centre booths include students and graduates of Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy (HSSC).
Bishop Yeung further explained that by participating in events 
such as the book fair, there are four things we pay attention to: “To reach out, to encounter, to accompany and to empower.” 
With special focus on the the diocesan Year of Youth, he quoted Pope Francis and said that “it is time to leave our comfort sofas and exchange it for a pair of running shoes to reach out to the young folks. Our youth are not our tomorrows, rather they are our todays. Hence we need to encounter them, accompany them and most importantly empower them.  
Christine Mok, a Year 3 student of the College told the Sunday Examiner, “As a student of Theology, I enjoy reading books relating to Christianity and Philosophy in particular. Therefore the annual book fair is a crucial event I would not miss. By helping out at the Diocesan section at the fair, I engage myself in the religious books corner and interact with the visitors on questions they may have, no matter Catholics or non-believers. It is definite a valuable opportunity for Ecumenism and proclaim gospel.” 
Steve Chan and Lucia Loi, students from HSSC who are serving as volunteers for the third consecutive year at the book fair, shared similar sentiments with the Sunday Examiner, saying that as third year volunteers, they felt that for them it is a calling and a mission to serve and that they were happy to be able to offer their knowledge as studentas at HSSC.  
They noted that, by comparision, they are more conversant than some others might be in explaining things to people who are looking for religious books, both in English and Chinese. More importantly, it is a good opportunity to share their faith, and hopefully through this event more people come to know more about the faith and see Christ in all of us through their friendly service. 

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