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Notice Board - Will your employer ask for your advice?

 Sometimes my lady employer asks my opinion about her problems as a mother. She feels her children ignore her. I tell her that she is a good mother and she is working hard to support them already. I tell her that her children may have their own way of thinking, and encourage her to be patient and do not take it to heart. She once asked me how I treat my parents. I told her that in the Philippines, we Filipinos treat our parents with love and respect. We only need to respect the opinion of each other to avoid unnecessary arguments.
— Eloida Vergara
M y employer does not ask me for any advice other than those related to my wards since I worked for her. I have been working for them for a year and seven months and we have a good working relationship. When my wards get sick, my employer would ask me what we could do to stop their cough or runny nose basing on my past experiences as I am the one taking care of them when she is not at home. I feel sad and unhappy when they get sick but I am glad that my employer asks my opinion because that means they trust me.
— Jendelyn Zaratan
My lady employer will ask for my advice in choosing suitable clothes for her children and I am happy she asks me. But besides that, I do not need to give advice to the couple because they are the boss and giving advice will make them a lesser person. This is my opinion because my male employer once said to me,“I don’t need your explanation.” So I have to carefully choose my words while talking to him. 
— Rose Salvador
My employer asks for my advice related to my ward most often as she can see how her child listens to what I say. Sometimes  she will share what happens to herself or even her personal problems. We are like good friends. Sometimes she will ask for my opinion before making a decision. For example, before buying the new house, she asked me which of the two she chose was better. She listened to my comments as I talked about the advantages and disadvantages of one of the houses she liked. She also asked my opinion on the design and colour for the room of her child. 
— Lilibeth Roque 
My employer asks my advice or opinion about my ward because I was the one taking care of the child for years. When it comes to the management of money, she is the one who gives me advice. It is a give-and-take relationship between us. 
I shared with her some pointers like: in disciplining a child, it is better that only one person talks so as not to cause confusion because if both parents talk, the child will not know whom to listen; never make a promise if she cannot fulfill it as it will make the child disappointed; about toys, buy what are educational and do not buy toys the child points at every time; do not tolerate tantrums. 
My employer trusts me when it comes to taking care of their child. When they are out of town, I can bring my ward with me to church.
 — Francia de Luna
 With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Proverbs 12:1-28)