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The meaning of true love

True love... means to share not only with our 
                  friends, but with the least privileged, the 
                  poorest of the poor, and our forgotten 
                  brothers and sisters in Christ.
True love... means to talk personally not only with
                  family members, loved ones or with our
                  circle of friends, but also with the 
                         unwelcoming people with a heart
                  of purity and mercy.
True love... means to live and to understand the hearts 
                  of the victims of social injustice and racial
                  discrimination as well as the broken families.
True love... means to go out from our comfort zones and 
                  willing to meet our hardships and challenges 
                  with humility, patience, sacrificial love and 
                  true joy. To be the bearers of God’s love
                  to everyone we meet in our daily journey.
True love... means to love the unlovable, to forgive the
                  unforgivable, to be patient with the impatient,
                  and to be humble especially in times of 
                  prosperity and success in life. It means to love 
                  our neighbours as we love ourselves. God loves 
                  you too undoubtedly!
Sister Mary Cordero
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows