CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Experience of God needs to be shared Taizé volunteers say

HONG KONG (SE): Volunteers at the International Meeting of Young Adults said that the peace of mind brought about by Taizé prayers has motivated them to bring their memorable experience with God to others.
Around 100 people from overseas and Hong Kong volunteered to help during the event, organised by the Taizé Community from August 8 to 12.
Alessa, 21, a Protestant volunteer from the Netherlands, shared that she visited Taizé, France, 11 times in five years and every time the trip let her know the love and the guidance of God.
She told the Kung Kao Po that her first impression of Taizé is that the songs are beautiful and that the prayers and the moments of silence touched her heart. 
She was determined to go to Taizé to experience the prayerful life there after her first experience. 
She remembered that, at the time, she was in the darkest moment in her life. She felt she did not belong to God and was angry about his plans. 
However, her first week in Taizé, which was busy but rewarding, reminded her that every coin has two sides and that God maybe wanted to guide her through her trials. 
She believes Taizé has enabled young people to discuss topics that they rarely think about in their daily lives. 
During the gathering in Hong Kong, she said she conversed with participants about topics like “what makes Christian a Christian” and “how culture makes one a Christian” and the discussion brought valuable insights. 
Another volunteer, Alan Mendoza, from the Philippines, shared that he went to Taizé in 2000 and 2008. The prayers enabled him to have peace of mind amid the hubbub of busy modern life. 
He hoped that more young people would come to learn the importance of communicating with God in silence and prayer through the Taizé gathering.
Mendoza was assigned to care for the needs of a group of overseas participants. 
Even though it was the first time he came to Hong Kong, the quick learner said that he was able to take the bus to the airport alone, welcome the participants and lead them to where they they were to stay—in Aberdeen!

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