CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Migrants urged to be missionaries

HONG KONG (SE): Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, bishop of Hong Kong, called on migrant workers to be missionaries and bear witness to God in their daily lives during the annual migrants’ day celebration on Mission Sunday at Christ the King Chapel in Causeway Bay on October 22.
Over 600 migrant workers gathered for the Mass which was concelebrated by nine priests working for the Filipino, Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese communities in Hong Kong. 
Bishop Yeung, Father Jay Flandez, Father Jun Jacobe, Father Heribertus Hadiarto, Father Natalius Suryanto, Father Bala Kishore, Father Blaise Cooray, Father Pierre Lam Minh, Father John the Baptist Le Van Ba and Father Joseph Tran Van Huong were accorded a welcome by the members of the Indonesian community as they danced their way to the altar in traditional costumes.
While the Mass was celebrated in English, the first reading was read in Sinhalese (Sri Lankan), and the second reading in Vietnamese, the responsorial psalm was sung in Tagalog and the gospel was proclaimed in English by Vietnamese Father Le Van Ba.
Bishop Yeung said that migrants should be regarded as brothers and sisters in any community because everyone is in fact a migrant as one’s ancestors were most likely early migrants in some place at some point of time, or their relatives may be migrants in other countries now. 
In his homily, he encouraged those present to be evangelisers in their daily lives. He said we do not need to be martyrs to bear witness to God, and what is more difficult is to constantly proclaim the good news through forgiving others and helping those in need. He pointed to the tragedy of people living in the cyberworld while caring little about those around them such as their parents and the elderly living alone. 
The bishop also spoke of his concern about the problem of ageing priests and the need to rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the young people.
After the Mass, Bishop Yeung told the Sunday Examiner that he greatly appreciates the migrant communities in Hong Kong, which is the reason why he retains his office as the chairperson of the Diocesan Commission for Pastoral Services to Migrant Workers.
The bishop said the migrant communities in Hong Kong help to evangelise by bearing witness to God through their joy and helpfulness. He believes that their lives are difficult, especially in the wake of recent tsunami in Indonesia and devastating typhoon in the Philippines, but they manage to support one another instead of being depressed by such trials. 
“They opt for celebrating the presence of God’s love instead of complaining. They are telling us that God has not left them among difficulties,” the bishop said. 
In the prayers of the faithful, representatives from different communities, in their own languages, offered intercessions for the Church, family, migrants’ welfare and vocations.
Cultural presentations were staged at St. Paul’s Convent School, adjacent to Christ the King Chapel. 
Sister Carmelita Arenas, a Good Shepherd sister from Quezon City, Philippines, who was visiting Hong Kong, said the migrants’ day celebration was beautiful as different communities showcased the diversity of their languages, costumes and dances, while at the same time displaying unity through their dedication in preparing for the event.
The migrants’ day celebration is organised by the Diocesan Commission for Pastoral Services to Migrant Workers to showcase the unity among the diversified cultures in the Church, and the mission to proclaim the Good News to all nations. 

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