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Study uncovers police abuse of Filipino women

MANILA (UCAN): A study by the Centre for Women’s Resources revealed that 56 Filipino policemen were involved in 33 cases of violence against women over the past two years. 
The results of the study were released on October 31 in the wake of reports that a police officer in Manila allegedly raped the 15-year-old daughter of a suspected drug dealer.
Data collated showed that out of the 33 cases since July 2016, when the president, Rodrigo Duterte, came to power, 13 of them involved minors.
“It is appalling how the authorities become bolder in committing abuses against women and minors,” Jojo Guan, executive director of the centre, said.
Half the cases recorded (16) involved rape, while seven were described as acts of lasciviousness.
“It is enraging that these abuses continue,” Guan said. 
“Disturbingly, the culture of impunity is more rampant,” Guan continued, adding that the fact that the perpetrators remain scot-free “shows how the government protects and covers up their messes.”
Guan called on the government to release the names of the policemen involved in the abuses.
Benedictine Sister Mary John Mananzan, a leading women’s rights advocate, said what is happening is “totally inhumane.”
She said, “The ones who are supposed to defend us violate the law and commit these crime.” 
She appealed to abuse victims “to expose these crimes” and file charges.
“Do not be afraid. Victims or their families can come directly to us. We can provide legal assistance and protection,” Sister Mananzan said. 
Guillermo Eleazar, police director in the National Capital Region, said the Philippine National Police “would show no mercy” to members of the force involved in abuses.
“(We) will not tolerate such abuses and we will bring all perpetrators to justice,” he said, adding that the “56 rotten minds” constitute only 0.03 percent of the 185,000 strong police force.
“We will not allow them to deface this institution,” Eleazar said.

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