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A world without faith heading for tragedy says former British prime minister

LONDON (CNS): Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, revealed that when he was prime minster, he proposed to finish a speech simply with the words “God bless Britain,” but an aide told him disapprovingly: “I just remind you prime minister, this is not America.” 
He was speaking before 4,300 people at a May 14 leadership conference in the Royal Albert Hall, London, organised by the Holy Trinity Brompton, an influential Anglican parish in London.
Blair said, “I think a world without faith would be a world on the path to tragedy and disaster, I really believe that.” 
He asked the gathering, “What is the essence of our faith besides all the things we believe, certainly as Christians, about Jesus Christ and his place in our lives?” 
He reflected, “For a long period of time, what people thought was that, as society became more developed and as we became more prosperous, that faith would be relegated, that it would become a kind of relic of the past—(something) ignorant people do but not what civilised, educated people do.” However he stressed that faith was vital because it introduced the virtue of humility into societies.....

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