CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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A friend of the youth

Bishop Michael Yeung was truly a friend of the youth. It’s easy to assume that a person in his position and with his schedule would be distant and inaccessible. I never got that impression from him. 
I remember his warm affection for the youth. He had celebrated the Mass for our annual sports and games day, Holympics, a few times. 
Even when he became Bishop of Hong Kong he made the time to be with us, and his support meant a lot to us at the Diocesan English Youth (DEY). It showed that he believed our mission to serve the English-speaking young people of the diocese was valuable. 
Once, when I contacted him about celebrating Mass for Holympics he replied saying that he would bring his red vestments to symbolise the passion of the youth, even though it was just a regular weekday Mass. 
He always had words of wisdom to share. 
He once had some time to spare after Mass and sat on the sidelines watching our youth play games and it struck me how he wanted to be with young people in the ways that he could. It was deeply moving to witness his humility. 
He once left me a voicemail as I was not able to answer the phone when he called. Even that small act struck me in its simplicity. He took the time to phone me personally, and understood that I was busy. 
In the few times I worked with him, he never appeared entitled and was always good humoured. 
We were truly blessed to have him on our side, and I know that he will continue to watch over and pray for us.
Mika Gallardo

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