CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Christian Unity Week in action

Sister Grace Lee FSP
There was a concrete experience of what it means to talk about Christians being united at an event held at the All Saints Cathedral (Anglican), Mongkok, for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, on January 20. Reverend Samson Fan, pastor of this beautiful Anglican church, invited the Daughters of St. Paul to participate in the worship and to put up a book and media counter for parishioners.
The worship, the Anglican Mass, is almost identical to the Catholic Mass, with the same readings, the same prayers and liturgical gestures. The parishioners were happy to see us and responded splendidly to our display of books, audio-visual and religious items. In fact, it was reported that some of them went the same day to our bookshop at the Pioneer Centre to get more items and reading materials.
All the credit must go to Reverend Fan who took this initiative to put Christian Unity Week in action. He had come a few times to our bookshop to acquire materials on spirituality, especially Ignatian spirituality. 
Last year, he showed the DVD about St. Ignatius and many of his parishioners bought a copy for themselves. Again, on January 20, he spoke about the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and 15 more copies were sold.
I was overjoyed by everything that happened during this special event to commemorate Christian Unity Week. I had not yet experienced a non-Catholic parish inviting a Catholic group like the Daughters of St. Paul to participate in their Sunday services and to bring our spiritual treasures of books and religious articles to their people. The best part is that they were so responsive to our sharing.
The Anglican parish gave us all the help necessary to make the event a success. The personnel were so friendly and ensured the that location for the book counter was just right. 
At the English worship that I attended, I was given a few minutes to introduce our congregation and our mission. I declined the invitation to speak at the Cantonese worship because I felt my Cantonese language skills were inadequate.
However Reverend Fan more than made up for me by speaking at length about our mission and our spirituality. He was really very encouraging and supportive. There were two other foreign pastors who were equally friendly and responsive.
We praise the Lord Jesus Christ who does marvels for us and will continue to do so. We want to be willing hands to carry out his plan of “That all may be one” as Jesus is one with the Father and we are one in the Lord Jesus. 

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