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Father Sean Burke on the 10th anniversary of his death

It’s hard to imagine our beloved Maryknoll Father Sean Burke left 10 years go already, we have missed him ever so much. As our founding spiritual advisor and a good friend and mentor, he was always a blessing to the Hong Kong Christian meditation community, nurturing everyone through love and good deeds on earth, and with gracious blessings in heaven.
Gone are the rosy, sunny days in the company of Father Sean at the Maryknoll House in Stanley in 2005, when he initiated our annual Lenten retreat. His warm, sincere smiles gave extra life to the blooming flowers of the garden. At the end of the retreats, after our outdoor high tea, we so impressed that Father Sean always took time to show us around his home and told us tales of his childhood, with good humour. We were utterly humbled by his quiet, tender and unassuming ways.
From Father Sean we learned that prayer in the form of silent meditation can pacify the storms and turbulence in our hearts. He taught us that God is our only home. He shared with us that he came across Christian meditation through Benedictine Father John Main book. “Twice-daily meditations have become the hinges of my life, hinges of the door leading into the life of Jesus.” 
Christ was the stronghold and rock of his life for the following sixteen years with his faithful and dedicated daily meditations. 
I was so honoured by Father Sean’s friendship and his beautiful, serene and encouraging words when my mother, who was diagnosed terminal cancer, told me to continue my mission as a leader for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, “A mother’s love is irreplaceable. When she is ill, there is heartache—but we are sustained by the blessedness of our faith and meditation. Mothers know best to meditate as they `let go’ their children and let them fly free.”
Before my major operation in October 2017, my fears dissolved instantly after learning that Father Paul Kim would be praying with Father Sean in heaven for me. How mystical!
Father Sean’s account about a downcast, inmate—in prison for life—being touched by his persistent meditation at his side for a whole year before responding with a loving embrace was stunning! His life and ministry was all “or others” as described beautifully by his seminarian classmate, Maryknoll Father John Veneroso.
We will be celebrating a memorial Mass to mark Father Sean’s 10th death anniversary on May 6 St Jude’s Church, North Point, at 6.45pm, with deep gratitude and affection.
We do look forward to thanking and praising the Lord for showing us his love through the life and love of Father Sean.
Lina Lee
National Coordinator, Hong Kong, 
The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM)
Free booklets of Father Sean Patrick Burke’s legacy and writings will be
distributed to the 10th anniversary Mass-goers on May 6