CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Newly-baptised urged to build up the Church

HONG KONG (SE): Newly-baptised Catholics were urged to be part of the family of the Church and participate in building it up during an orientation programme organised by the Hong Kong Central Council of Catholic Laity at Southorn Stadium, Wanchai, on May 1. They were encouraged to put faith into action through prayer, getting involved in parish life, studying the scriptures, joining faith communities, as well as showing concern for the needy and social justice.
The newly-baptised were joined by their godparents and catechists as well.
The Catholic Rosary Evangelical Dance Group performed a drama in which a non-Catholic husband in a mixed marriage decides to join a catechism class after a traffic accident and his questions about faith. The questions were answered by Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing and Father Lawrence Lee Len during the play’s intermission.
In a video message, John Cardinal Tong Hon, who was out of town, encouraged the newly-baptised to enrich their lives through the duties of the laity, such as reading the bible, attending Mass, doing works of charity and joining parish communities.
The drama also invited those present to think about whether a Catholic should be concerned about political issues. 
In response to this question, Bishop Ha said a Catholic’s concern about government policies or political issues comes out of love for others as such issues can affect the lives of many people.
The bishop said being concerned about society means observing and analysing different issues and taking action when necessary, which is one of the ways to live out the faith. Furthermore, he said the bible and Church social teachings can guide in assessing such issues. 
Father Lee, on the other hand, talked about problems that the newly-baptised may face each day, such as whether they can worship or offer sacrifices to the ancestors. 
Bishop Ha then presented gifts to catechists and counsellors in gratitude and appreciation for their work. 
Over 2,800 people were baptised at Easter this year.

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