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Notice Board - Challenge of a single mom

It is not a big deal if you are a single parent as long as you can provide for the needs of your child. For me, I will raise my child the best that I can. There’s a saying that “what you sow is what you reap.” Be a friend and family aside from being a parent through guiding and disciplining. Let them feel the importance of tender loving care and attention as well.  
 — Sheryl Besare
It is tough for me as a single and working mom. I worry alone when the children get sick and things in life are not going well. It prompts me not to give up when I’m physically and mentally drained by the situations I face in my daily works. Balancing time between work and my daughter is my huge challenge. I’m raising my daughter here in Hong Kong but she receives limited time from me as I have to stay in my employers’ home as stipulated in the contract. I only give my full and undivided time to my daughter on my weekly days off. Though I try to make her understand that my time for my wards are just a part of my work she feels neglected as she sees the fact of my absence. 
But God makes ways for me to cope with life. He sends me good and supportive friends and gave me a kind male employer who understands my situation and sees the goodness in me. 
—Jocie Docyogen
It is a challenge to be a single parent. I have to leave my children as I need to work overseas in order to provide for their basic needs. I always remind them to stay simple and not to spend more than my salary. I teach them to spend wisely. My top priority is to send them to school and I make them understand that education is the best gift I could give them and therefore they should make good use of the opportunity. In my absence and lack of close supervision they may abuse their freedom. The challenge also lies in disciplining my children without punishment. I have to let them understand their duties and responsibilities.
I encourage them also to study the bible and grow in the Catholic faith. They attend Sunday Masses, choose God-fearing friends and are guided by my kind siblings. I pray for them all to stay close with God and learn to be happy and content with what we have. Good communication is important in raising children. Make them understand that you love them and that your sacrifices are for their own good. 
— Theresa Goden
Being a single parent can be overwhelming and stressful at times. The heaviest challenge is that I need to go overseas for work in order to provide for them. Acceptance makes things easier. I find it both a challenge and blessing. It makes me look up to God who is loving and merciful. I always pray for God's guidance, protection and strength for me to carry on with my responsibilities as a parent. Family and friends are God-given gifts too. They are a source of moral and emotional support. Single motherhood is a privilege in some ways. I keep learning and growing while I remain connected with God through prayers and bible studies. I gladly bring my children closer to God by encouraging them to join Sunday school, bible classes and youth outreaches. These are ways in coping with single parenthood.
— Belen Guinihid
It is not easy to raise three very young children, expecially for a widow at 31 years old. I needed to work to support them. With prayers nothing is impossible. I prayed to God for guidance and wisdom for my plans in life for the sake of my children. 
I am still working overseas now so as to provide for my children. I am grateful to my family, relatives and friends for their unending support. My children are all grown ups and are college graduates. They are God-fearing well rounded individuals. The biggest challenge for me was homesickness and being not there at the time when they needed me physically. Thankfully they understood the reasons why we needed to be apart which was all for their own good.
— Josefina Salvador