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Notice Board - My mom is God’s precious gift to me

A mother for me is a shoulder to cry and lean on. A one call away psychologist who will understand and give you advice helpful in life. The foundation of our whole being. Without them we won’t be what we are today. She is a tireless woman who will do everything and anything to give us what we want and what we need. She is that one person who is happy to see her children happy, a person who treats her children as her life. 
A mother is a walking definition of the word Love, because she gives love to others without thinking about the love for herself. A mother is the most amazing gift God has given us. She may not be always around but you know that she loves you and cares a lot for your sake at all times. She gives you everything without thinking if she will have less. And as time goes by, you may meet different people, have different friends but you will always come running to your very best friend, your mother. 
As children, we must show them that all their sacrifices are all worth it. We should strive harder to finish our studies and be a productive member of the society.
In my case, my mother has been away from me for many years. I can’t hug and see her. I rarely talked to her when I was a young child because Internet wasn’t that developed yet. Every end of the month, I would look forward to receiving the money she sent thinking this must be the payment she wanted us to have to compensate for leaving us, not thinking the hard work, tiredness, sadness and longing she was enduring just to give us the life she didn’t have when she was young. I spent all that money quickly and easily because I didn’t realise how hard it must have been for her to work abroad, taking care of a different family instead of us. I thought my mom was selfish. How could she take care of other people’s child, but couldn’t take care of us. I was wrong. 
My mother was selfless, she might be taking care of other children but all she thought of while working was us, and our welfare. Did we eat three times a day? Did we still have money? How were our studies? 
Growing up, I didn’t realise that I was the one who was selfish. I grew up telling myself that I am alone, and no one loved me or needed me and up until today I am battling these thoughts in my mind and I always lose. I always need someone near me to give me time and affection, not thinking that I am hurting the most precious person in my life. 
I didn’t see the sacrifices of my mom but now little by little I do understand why she left to give us a treasure that can never be stolen by anyone and that is education and that is one of the reason why she left to work in a foreign land. My mother wants us to be ready and tough in the future to face all challenges life may bring. 
Thank you and sorry, mom, for my wrong attitude in the past. I ask for your forgiveness.
For my younger brother, Jeric, he defines a mother as the best creation of God, a loving human who can sacrifice everything for the sake of her children.
Blessed are the children who still have their mothers around. Hug your moms while you still can. Let them feel loved.
• Jenny Reyes