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Province offers funds for renovation of Karachi cathedral

KARACHI (UCAN): The government of Sindh province, Pakistan, is providing more than US$1.5 million ($11.7 million) toward the renovation of iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Karachi which will be done over three years, beginning with the interior.
The foundation stone of the cathedral was laid in 1845 and the building is known for the richness of its stone, glass and timber craftsmanship.
The cathedral’s rector, Father Mario Rodrigues, notes that it can accommodate 1,500 people for prayer services and he is proud of its Gothic revival architecture.
Father Rodrigues, heading a July 27 church delegation, talked to Sindh chief minister, Murad Ali Shah, about the contribution of local Christians to the development of Karachi.
Shah responded that provincial administration heritage experts would be involved in the cathedral’s restoration “to its original glory.”
Shah, who is an alumni of St. Patrick’s high school in Karachi, hailed the Catholic Church’s good works within the province, especially in providing educational and health services.
The present cathedral was built on the site of the original church which was destroyed by a storm in 1885.
Measuring 52 metres by 22 metres, the present-day cathedral designed by architect, Father Karl Wagner, and the construction was supervised by two lay Jesuit brothers, George Kluver and Herman Lau.
The cathedral’s stained-glass windows were produced by Franz Mayer of Munich, Germany.

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