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Notice Board - What to do if children fail in exams?

Parents should first identify the problems, like, if the lesson is too hard, the child is not doing the homework, being absent from school, under a lot of stress or having health problems? Talking to the child’s teacher is of a big help too. Ask the teacher’s opinions about what the child needs to do to pass the class. Lastly, work together closely with the child to develop a plan to address the failing grades. Sometimes a child isn’t all that motivated or just get bored with a particular subject. Identifying the problem will help the child to get his work done and do better at school. Most importantly, let the child feel that you are there for him or her on this matter, and you are willing to help him or her to succeed.
 — Rogel Babatuan
First, I will find out what has caused the failure. I will talk to my child and ask the reason for his failing grades. If I find out that he did his best but still failed, I will be there to help him. If I am not around, I can find the right person to help him in his studies. 
Every child has his strengths and weaknesses. I can be there to help him improve but I will not put him under pressure. Instead of punishing my child for failing, encouraging him is a better option.
—Maren Ochea
First you need to talk to your child. Ask how the child feels at school. Ask if he or she finds a subject particularly hard and ask if he or she understands what the teacher says. And if you know what the problem is make a plan to help the child. Perhaps find a tutor to help if you cannot do it yourself. Encourage your child to do better next time and give attention to his or her studies. Tell the child that it is for his or her own benefit with good results. 
— Carolina Papiona
Being a mother, we need to play a lot of roles, besides giving them food, clothes, financial support and education. One significant role is to stand by her child and to stay strong before obstacles in life. If my child fails in exams, I will not scold or say hurtful words towards my child. Instead, I will guide and encourage her to do better next time. I will let her talk and find out the reason why she failed and simply hug her to ease her pain. I will help her find solutions to it so that she can see where to improve next time. I know that there will always be a way for improvement to motivate her to do better next time.
— Arlene Toledo
I  am the mother of a son and a daughter. As a mother I will try to know the reasons why my child failed. I’ll talk to the teacher first to know my children’s performances at school, then I will talk to my children thoroughly in a loving manner. I will let my children feel that in spite of their failures, I’m always available for them, ready to listen to their explanations. I would encourage them to do better next time and that I'm willing to guide and teach them in their studies. Let’s treat our children as our barkada (good friend), whom they can count and rely on. In that way we can develop a stronger relationship with each other.
— Marivic Viente