CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Sunday Examiner bags Titus Brandsma Award for promoting dialogue

HONG KONG (SE): Geneva-based International Christian Organisation of the Media (ICOM) in a communiqué dated August 30 addressed to Cardinal John Tong and Bishop Joseph Ha announced that the Sunday Examiner of Hong Kong has been chosen for this year’s Titus Brandsma Award, the International Award for Promoting Dialogue. 
The award is a recognition for the efforts of Kung Kao Po and the Sunday Examiner for upholding ethics and values in journalism through their existence as the Catholic newspapers of the city. The diocesan weeklies share their editorial content in its noble mission of enlightening women and men, leaders and all decision makers in English and Chinese languages.  
The award honours initiatives for upholding human dignity, healing wounds and promoting dialogue in all circumstances through the media. 
The award is instituted in memory of Blessed Titus Brandsma (1981-1942), a Dutch Carmelite who was a journalist. The Dutch Carmelites and the International Christian Organisation of the Media (ICOM) have instituted the Award in the year 1990 and has been attributed triennially since 1992.
The communiqué stated that the award jury decided in favour of the Sunday Examiner after considering highly qualified candidates from other parts of the world. The international jury found that the Sunday Examiner is well focused on present-day issues, with an editorial view that seeks dialogue, truth and justice. 
The Titus Brandsma Award honours and encourages the diocesan newspaper as a whole and especially its editorial team in their work at these very challenging times for Hong Kong and the profession of journalism. 
The award accompanies and supports the paper in its initiatives and endeavours that respect peoples, cultures, dialogue and fundamental freedoms of individuals.
ICOM commits to contributing to dignified journalism, promoting ethics, values and ideals; upholding human dignity, ensuring ongoing formation, investing in young journalists, respecting peoples, cultures, lives and nature worldwide

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