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Vatican Observatory director says Curiosity will expand human knowledge

VATICAN CITY (CNS): Father Jose Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, is pleased with the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars and he thinks “everybody should be happy with the success.” 

Father Funes said the rover’s mission is important in order “to see if we can learn a bit more about Mars and the possibility of organic elements on the surface of Mars,” which would indicate that some living organism had lived or could live on the planet. 

The Curiosity landed on Mars on August 5 and is set to explore the planet for two years. 

Father Funes told Vatican Radio on August 6 that he thinks the rover is perfectly named because curiosity is “a driving force to do science, to do research. Human beings basically are curious and we want to know how many things in the universe work: what is the logic, what are the laws in the universe.” 

In addition, he said human beings want to know if life forms exist elsewhere besides Earth. “The search for life is worthwhile. We can learn many things, even if we cannot find signs of life,” he said. 

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