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Inspirer of House Churches dies

BEIJING (SE): A man recognised as one of the most significant leaders in the House Church movement in China, Sun Yi-yin, also known Freddie Sun, died of cancer at the age of 76, BosNewsLife reported on August 23.

Bon Finley, the founder of the Christian Aid Mission in the United States of America, described the university professor as a devoted Christian who leaves behind 154 bible institutes and missionary training centres that he helped to set up from 1992 onwards.

“There are some in every province, including Tibet,” Finley added.

Sun claimed over 60,000 graduates from this network of schools, who are now serving as leaders in the House Church movement.

“I believe history will show that Sun’s work in establishing and distributing financial support for bible institutes in China during the past 20 years has had a greater impact for the cause of Christ in that Communist country than that of any other single person or ministry,” Finley argued.

Church groups and government officials estimate there are at least 130 million Christians in China, the majority of who meet in underground House Church gatherings.

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