CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Students reflect on ferry tragedy

Shung Tak Catholic English College:


Apple—Class 3S

From this accident, I learned a lot.

In the past, I always argued with my family. I feel extremely bad. It is because I can’t feel warmth from the family. After this accident, I found that life can be lost suddenly. It was really horrible. 

At that moment, I suddenly missed my family. I know that I need to treasure our family. Now, I always take care of my family, because I learned a sense of what is important from the accident.

Moreover, I think this accident shows the weakness of our waterproof equipment. Because when the accident happened, the passengers didn’t have enough time to put on the equipment.

Therefore, the passengers lost their lives in the accident. Therefore, I hope the government and the owner of company can improve the problem.

Finally, I hope the people who lost their lives in this accident can live happily in paradise. Also, that people who are still alive can treasure life better.


Niki—Class 3S

From this accident, I know that life is so important. Whoever died, their relatives will be sad. In this accident, many people died. Everyone is upset about this. The people who work on the ferries need to be careful. If they are careful, there will not be so many accidents.


Wing Lo—Class 3S

After this accident, I thought a lot. I felt very upset about it, because there were a lot of people dead and hurt, some are still staying in that hospital because of the accident.

I think the saddest thing is that people lost their family remembers, so this accident tells me that I need to always treasure the people who are around us, because we don’t know when they will leave us.

I don’t think of the regret I would feel after my family members have gone, which means I would be left without any good memories.

So please treasure the people who are around you. And I hope that the people in the accident can cheer up, many people will support you, including me!

I hope to see that they are able to cheer up and live happily again. RIP.


Phoenix Wong—Class 3P

About this sea tragedy, I felt very sad and I know that some people are now very poor, because their family members died. Also, some children may be left with a psycho-shadow because of the dark and the cold water.

I think the Lord has his plan and he will take care of the dead victims in this tragedy. I hope the people in hospital can get well and the victims can rest in peace.


Rachel Cheung—Class 3J

The first day of October was really a terrible day for all Hong Kong people. I was shocked when I heard this bad news on the television. There were 39 people who died in the boat tragedy near the Lamma Island.

It must be somebody’s fault, as the police are trying to find out. 

Anyway, I really hope that the dead can rest in peace and the survivors can soon forget the sadness that was caused in this tragedy and also treasure their lives.

Although this tragedy leads all the people in Hong Kong to become dolorous, I just hope everyone can treasure our lives. God bless all of us.


Maggie Cheung—Class 3J

In these few days, I believe most of us still remember the disaster of the Lamma ferry collision.

It is a tragedy for all Hong Kong people. I was shocked when I heard of this news and it is certainly a truth that all people do not want to face.

Since this accident, I realise that we should always cherish time with our families. Although we cannot change the fact now, we should live a good life from now on, not live it with gloom, but live it meaningfully with people around us.

I wish that the victims of this accident can settle down and the people who lost their family can get back to normal life.


Henery—Class 3S

In this accident, there were many people who died. I feel very sad about that. I think they are very unlucky. That day was a happy day, but then this accident happened.

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