CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Living mission in everyday life


HONG KONG (SE): The Columban Sisters hosted a gathering for the Association of Mission Friends of St. Columban at the Caritas Restaurant in Central on November 18 to celebrate the feast of the patron saint of their congregation on November 18.

Sister Isabel Loughrey said that the group of around 15 people works to live the Columban charism in their daily lives in the spirit of the sixth century founder of monasteries, St. Columban, which is expressed in the words, “We belong to Christ not ourselves.”

The members of the association also work to support the ministries the Columban sisters are involved in which range from a colony for people suffering from Hansen’s Disease in China, to an outreach to poor children in The Philippines and support for people suffering from AIDS in the Union of Myanmar.

Sister Loughrey explained that the purpose of the group, which was started by the Columban sisters, is to awaken the sense of mission among the laity, which is the ultimate challenge of baptism.

Some members of the group offer hands on assistance in the far flung mission outreach of the group, paying occasional visits to offer their own expertise, as well as learn more of the needs that people in situations very different from their own have.

Sister Loughrey said that at their centre in Shek O, they also collect money and currently have over $14,000 waiting to be sent to Myanmar at the first opportunity.

One of the members of the group, Mamie Lau, has compiled a book called, Healthy Living 360, and is donating all the proceeds of the book to the mission in Myanmar.

The book looks at the relationship between people and their environment and how it can affect both physical and spiritual health

“It involves the body and the mind,” she explained. “How to embrace suffering, as suffering does lead to something good. I have taken a simple approach and explored how the way we live, eat and do things can help to keep us healthy.”

Father Gerry Neylon celebrated a Mass at which the members of the group renewed their allegiance for another 12 months, before enjoying a meal together with the sisters and Columban priests in Hong Kong.


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