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New churches in China reflect mature faith

SHIJIAZHUANG (SE): In the missionary month of October several mainland parishes consecrated new churches, which local people say reflects a growing maturity in the faith of their communities and the new buildings are an eloquent expression of the lived reality of their lives.

Fides reported that over 1,000 people attended the consecration of a new church dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle in Shagou, in the diocese of Taiyuan, on the eve of mission Sunday, October 20.

Three bishops from neighboring dioceses, together with Bishop Meng Qing Wei, the coadjutor of Taiyuan, attended the Mass at which 40 priests concelebrated. 

The new church has a floor space of 350 square metres, is constructed in Gothic style and represents the community’s commitment to spread the gospel in every corner of the world.

Also during October, the parish of Nanzhi Daohui in the diocese of Weinan, consecrated a new church dedicated to Christ the King.

Bishop Tong Chang Ping was the principal celebrant at a Mass with 20 priests attended by hundreds of people, together with members of the Third Franciscan Order, a charitable group in the parish, and visitors from other parishes that had contributed to the construction of the building.

The greater part of the cost of about 200,000 yuan ($244,800) was covered by a generous benefactor, who had already made a substantial contribution the construction of another church.

One of the priests present at the consecration said, “This represents the great maturity, the growth of faith and missionary consciousness of our people.”

The parish of the Holy Glorious Cross in Taizhou, Jiangsu, also consecrated a new church. Bishop Lu Xin Ping, from Nanjing, celebrated a Mass for over 2,000 people, including the civic authorities who attended.

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