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First do no harm


Twenty-fifth Sunday of the Year


Readings: Isaiah 55:6-9; Philippians 1:20c-24, 27a; Matthew 20:1-16a

In his letters, St. Paul can suddenly vary. In the midst of an ordinary passage about Christian living, we often find a wonderful hymn of praise. Or, from a reflection on one topic, he will veer onto another topic without warning us what is coming.

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Bless his holy name

Try looking at the world through God’s eyes. Imagine that you are God and that you are seeing the world which you have created, with all its peoples. How do you look at your people, as a stern judge, deciding and prescribing penalties, or as a capricious abuser of power, like the Greek gods, or as a lover?

Jesus has shown us that God looks at all the peoples of the world and each individual as a lover. God loved us so much, that he sent his only son as his loving gift for us.

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The law of love

Twenty-third Sunday of the Year

Ezekiel 33: 7-9; 
Romans 13: 8-10; 
Matthew 18: 15-20