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Thy will be done

After Jesus was baptised in the Jordan he returned home to Galilee to commence his ministry. Shortly after that there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee.

The mother of Jesus was there and so was Jesus, with a few of his disciples.

The story of what happened at this wedding found its way many years after the event into the Gospel according to St. John. Despite the passing of the years it has a very warm and personal feel.

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One of us

The brief reading from St. Matthew’s gospel in today’s liturgy conveys the essentials of our faith and spirituality

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A cosmic event

Epiphany as a word evokes the feeling and the concept of light. Epiphany, the feast we celebrate today, evokes in particular the light of the star which guided the Magi on their long journey in search of the infant king of the Jews.

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God bless our family

The liturgical calendar commentary posted on the catholicculture website tells us this;

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God will act

The two themes of this Sunday’s readings embrace God acting in the world and the ancestry line of Jesus, which places him in the lineage of King David.

The first chapter of St. Matthew’s gospel spells out an impressive family tree.

Joseph, who is a descendent of David and took Mary home as his wife, has, without any legal dispute the father responsible for him on this earth and he also receives the right to give him a name.

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Not an easy way

Prepare the way of the Lord!” This cry has echoed in word and in song down through the centuries.

The gospels give us a model for our preparation. John the Baptist, the relation of Jesus, is the one who is the model for our preparation. He did his preparation in a particular way, calling people to a baptism of repentance.

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Keeping your 
head up

The people of Hong Kong have been expressing a strong desire to live with integrity in an honest society and to give their children something special as a gift towards their future.

Although Catholics are only a small proportion of the people, they too have something special to offer to their neighbours—a long tradition of teaching that dates back even to the time before Jesus, showing how to live with integrity and justice.

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Leaders and followers

The Feast of Christ the King is a relatively recent feast day. The theme of the feast sets out to focus on the leadership model that Jesus has given to us through his own example.

The leadership model that Jesus lived out in the concrete is one that empowers, by recognising the gifts that each and every person possesses, as well as presenting guidelines, without ultimatums, orders or force.

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Hope in the right things

If you take to heart today’s gospel reading it would be hard to find a reason to get out of
bed! Imagine, putting on a fine dinner and then discovering that none of the guests you have sent invitations to have any interest in turning up.

And St. Paul discovers that even though he and his disciples were careful not to be a burden on anyone, they are still not welcome and the model of behaviour they had set was simply not appreciated.

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What are you really asking?

Recently I was in a school and the children were asking questions about God and all sorts of things that are related to religion.

Some excellent questions came out of the mouths of the young, including some really difficult and thoughtful inquiries.