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Integrating the Church into Chinese society

HONG KONG (SE): “It is encouraging to see that in Chinese society today misunderstandings towards the Catholic Church are declining, thanks to dialogue and meetings,” John Cardinal Tong Hon said at the opening of the fifth edition of a seminar organised by the Hong Kong-based Faith Institute for Cultural Studies and the Yuan Dao Study Society, together with the People’s University of Beijing under the theme of The integration of the Catholic Church in China with the society More from this section

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The new pope and the Church in China


HONG KONG (SE): In welcoming Pope Francis to the Chair of Peter as the leader of the Catholic people of the world, a vicar general from the Hong Kong diocese, Father Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, called on people to pray for him, as he comes to leadership of the Church in extremely difficult times.

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A kite flier needs 
a kite runner


Did the prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, Fernando Cardinal Filoni, really expect some official response from Beijing to his almost impassioned appeal for a reopening of dialogue between Beijing and the Holy See, or was he just flying a kite? (Sunday Examiner, November 4).