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Visions of a better world

HONG KONG (SE): Is a perfect society possible? A valid question for our present time.
Plato (ca. 427 to 347 BC), envisioned a rigid class structure with the topmost—the golden citizens—training for 50 years to become benign oligarchs, or philosopher-kings whose wisdom would supposedly eliminate poverty and deprivation fair distribution of resources.

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More local books needed for young people

HONG KONG (SE): The Catholic Press in Hong Kong should publish more books to cater to the needs of young people as their interest in reading is still strong, which is a proven fact by the high turnout for the annual Hong Kong Book Fair. 
Josephine Lau Wai-ling, general manager of the Catholic Centre Bookstore, is of the opinion that although there are lots of good books published for children and adults, there is a scarcity of quality books for young people to help in their formation in the society. 

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Guns and the Gospel

HONG KONG (SE): A newly released book by Hong Kong-based Father Ambrose Mong op, Guns and the Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelisation in China, explores the moral dilemma of accepting the protection of foreign guns or packing up and getting out faced by missionaries in China in the mid- to late 19th century.