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The persistence of a child

Grandaunt Kitty
Do you believe you could finish reading 51 books at the age of five and make a report for each story and complete this in about four months time? 
Believe it or not, this true story happened to young Hailey Koon who, after receiving her favourite blue-coloured exercise book from her grandaunt on 12 December 2018, set a goal to read 50 books before she turned six. 

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Manifestations of God’s mercy

Edita T. Burgos
The start of the year is always an occasion to reflect on one’s directions and goals. Recollection, reflections and discernment of the past year during the Advent season becomes the springboard for the year’s plans.

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The fascinating and dramatic story of Simone Weil

On January 27, United Nations Holocaust Day was marked in Hong Kong and all around the world.

The remembrance also embraces Simone Weil, who although she was not killed in a lager, chose to share the destiny of those under Nazi oppression, offering her life as a private holocaust.