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Human trafficking is slavery in our time

It’s impossible to imagine the sheer joy and exuberance of victims of human bondage who have been freed. When Jessica, Ruby, Angelica, Celine and Theresa were liberated from their human traffickers, they could not believe it. That realisation took some time in coming to their well-conditioned and convinced minds that they were in debt and had to work for a long time to pay it off and there was no escape.

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Fighting curse of modern slavery

JAKARTA (UCAN): Catholic, Muslim and Protestant groups in Indonesia have pledged unity in fighting against slavery and human trafficking in the nation’s maritime and fishing sector.
They signed a joint declaration to end slavery at the office of the vice president on April 6.

The joint commitment is described as being “our effort to show that we want to work together with the government to end the problem,” Father Paulus Christian Siswantoko, the secretary of the Indonesian Commission for Justice, Peace and Pastoral for Migrant People, explained.

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