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The children of the streets

Why and how do people, who do not know about human hardship and suffering, are indifferent to helping the poor and brand 12-year-old children as criminals when they are just children, get elected to high offices? The reason is likely to be that they never suffered deprivation, hunger, and abandonment. They led privileged lives of entitlement and are mostly the children of rich political dynasties that seem to reign forever.  

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The jail houses of pain and suffering

The good news is that on February 4, the Philippine Senate 4th of adjourned without a vote to lower the age of children from 15-years-old to 12 years of age who will be held liable for acts considered criminal in nature. That vote may come the first week of June. 

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No lowering of age of criminal liability

MANILA (UCAN): A decision by the lower house of the congress in Manila to overrule a bill proposing that the age of criminal liability for young people be lowered from the current 15 to as young as nine has been welcomed by rights advocates, prison chaplaincies and social workers.
“What is needed is to implement and strengthen the current law in dealing with children in conflict with the law,” Rodolfo Diamante, the secretary of the Commission on Prison Pastoral Care, said on May 29.

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