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Do not fear or lose hope July 1 protest marchers told

HONG KONG (SE): Prior to the annual July 1 protest march, Church leaders urged around 250 participants at an ecumenical prayer meeting held at Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, not to fear or lose hope, but continue to show mercy and fight for justice and most importantly to keep one’s conscience alive. Those present were urged to defend the city with Christian values. 

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Twenty-one years after the handover

THIS JULY 1 we mark the 21st anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty. However for many, the recent state of affairs may seem depressing. In addition to the long-running housing problem and the recent spate of scandals involving shoddy work at various MTR projects, there is no sign of improved services for the elderly, or of the retirement protection schemes that have been discussed for many years.

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China can learn from the Vatican about managing Hong Kong

Pope Francis and President Xi Jinping came into their present roles within a day of each other in 2013—the pope was elected on March 13 and Xi became president on March 14. However, they have followed completely different paths in governing immense and cumbersome entities—the People’s Republic of China and the universal Church.