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Why the climate is changing

Students are on the streets waving banners, banging drums, singing, chanting and calling for an end to the causes driving climate change that are wrecking the planet. 

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The end of the earth as we know it

Human society of which we are all a part, is facing an environmental catastrophe unprecedented in history. The planet is in dire condition and ecosystems that keep all species of plant, animal and insects in harmonious co-existence, ensuring the survival of all, are moving quickly toward collapse.

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The warming of Planet Earth

There is something strange and unusual happening to our world, and every one of us will be impacted. One indigenous people of the Philippines, the Aeta people of Luzon, have survived for as many 30,000 years by their unique survival skills in the rain forests as hunters and gatherers. 

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Swapping global leadership for a myth

A decision by the president of the United States of America (US), Donald Trump, to withdraw his country from the Paris Accord on climate change weakens US global leadership.
Responses from the leaders of the G7 countries were negative. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was highly critical of Trump’s decision, calling it “extremely regrettable and that is putting it mildly.”

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A pledge for the earth

HONG KONG (SE): The Global Catholic Climate Movement launched a worldwide campaign to recruit one million Catholic people to keep the message of Pope Francis on caring for God’s creation alive two years on from the publication of Praise Be: On care for our common home (Laudato Si').
The movement seeks to keep the message of the landmark encyclical at the forefront of Catholic consciousness by promoting the importance of reducing energy use and the need for clean energy in their own communities and countries.

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