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Epiphany and the week After Epiphany - Mass Readings

Mass of the solemnity, Gloria, Creed, preface for Epiphany (white). 
Readings: Isaiah 60:1-6; Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6; Matthew 2:1-12.
Mass of the day, preface for Christmas or Epiphany (white). 
Readings: 1 John 3:22 – 4:6; Matthew 4:12-17, 23-25.

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Epiphany - Shining star light for all peoples

The gospel narrative of the magi is grown into a lot of pleasant and touching stories, but must be kept accurately distinct from the Gospel story as not to compromise the message that the sacred text wants to communicate. For example, it was not said that there were three, and that they were magi, not kings. They must have belonged to the category of diviners, astrologers, well known and appreciated people in antiquity for their wisdom, ability to interpret dreams, predict the future and read the will of 

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Epiphany - Tunay na maningning

Isang masayang pagdiriwang ang ginanap na Misa de Aguinaldo sa Chater Garden noong nakaraang Pasko. Kapansin-pansin ang pagbabago ng paligid dahil sa mga palamuting ginamit katulad ng mga ilaw, parol, at ang main attraction ay ang life-size na belen.  Bukod sa Misa ay nagkaroon ng karoling ang ibat-ibang grupo at ilang indibidual. Hindi maikakaila ang kakaibang ningning ng gabing iyon.

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The Epiphany in
 Hong Kong today


TODAY, THE CHURCH celebrates the feast of the Epiphany, the story of The Three Wise Men following a star from its rising in the east to Bethlehem to pay homage to the new-born Jesus.

They offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, before leaving for home with joy in their hearts. In their search for Jesus, the Magi met difficulties, at one point asking directions from the autocratic king, Herod.