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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Becoming rich by becoming poor

Today’s gospel teaches us how not to get caught by surprise at the end of our lives?—Jesus responds to the question with three parables.
The first: a gentleman goes to a wedding party and leaves his servants at home. The servants know that the master will come back and they must be ready to welcome him, but they do not know when. What are these enigmatic images of when and how the Lord returns about?

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Faith matures in crisis

When evening came” indicates in the symbolic language of the evangelist the conclusion of Jesus’ day. It is the end of his life. It is the moment in which he climbs the mountain alone, moves away from the crowds and definitely enters the world of God.
This is why the disciples find themselves in the dark. Darkness is the image of disorientation; doubt that captures even the most convinced believer. At times, even one who is driven by a strong faith feels alone.

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Pananampalatayang nagtitiwala kay Hesus!

May naniniwala kay Hesus, pero hindi natitiwala sa Kanya. Ano ang ibig kong sabihin? Maraming binyagan na sumusunod kay Hesus, sila’y nagdadasal, nagsisimba pero hindi sinasabuhay ang kanilang pananampalataya. 
Kung may mga problema sila’y pumupunta at sumasangguni sa mga paraan na hindi maka-Kristiyano. Walang tiwala sa Diyos!
Ating pagnilayan ang ebanghelyo sa Linggong ito. Ang tunay na pananampalataya ay patungo sa Diyos.