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Ancient science will not convince modern minds and hearts

Father William Grimm MM
In 1638, the English poet, John Milton, visited Italy. He described the experience in his polemic Areopagitica, written in 1644 to advocate freedom of the press.

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The attempted abduction of Jemma

It’s a case of child abuse and human trafficking that has caught much media attention. The case is being heard in the court of Honorable Judge Maria Angelica T. Paras-Quiambao, Regional Trial Court Branch 59, Angeles City, a judge of known integrity. It concerns a United States (US) national, John R., who is accused of sexually abusing two young girls, call them Sybil and Jemma (not their real names). The younger Jemma is 13-years-old and Sybil is 14-years-old. John R.

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Women in the Church: What has been is not what need be

Father William Grimm
Can you say where in the gospels Jesus institutes the presbyterate (priesthood) and the deaconate? Hint: nowhere.

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Khmer Rouge leaders consigned to dustbin of history

Twenty-five years ago, few thought the genocidal leaders of the Khmer Rouge would ever be tried for war crimes. Pol Pot and his lieutenants lived freely in the remote northwest of Cambodia, indulged by the United Nations (UN) and Cold War allies, and despised by survivors of their brutal regime.
Public opinion began to shift only after the last shots rang out at the end of 30 years of war and a transition to peace began, slowly at first with Cambodians haunted by their tragic past.

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Crimes against humanity

It’s a grim gruesome record of murder, assassination and massacre that we must condemn, denounce and learn from. The man, a leader accused of giving orders to target and kill civilians with impunity, is legendary. He convinced them that they were doing a good thing killing any suspect to save their nation from being destroyed.

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Captives of migrant camps and jails

They are held in captivity in small, overcrowded, jail-like pens. The unsanitary and dangerous cramped enclosures are their prisons. That was until the photo images of their confinement went viral on social media and there was an international outcry for them to be released and to be treated with care, respect and dignity. They are separated from their natural groups and families. They suffer trauma and sickness and they are in danger of dying.

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Haiyan recovery efforts in the Philippines a disaster

Ronald Reyes 
Thirty-seven-year-old Sarah Dela Peña survived the onslaught of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the central Philippines. Today, she still lives by the sea where thousands of people perished in 2013.
She said a relocation site offered by the government to survivors “is equally dangerous and far from our livelihoods.”

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Who doesn’t want peace and reconciliation?

Who doesn’t want peace, harmony and reconciliation in their lives, their family, personal relationships, their nation and the world? Only those who can make personal gain from chaos.

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The voice of the people must be heard

HONG KONG (SE): People will not come into the streets and protest in the face of hard times or economic deprivation, but when their personal freedom is threatened they will flood the thoroughfares of cities, blockade government buildings, disrupt traffic and interfere with normal commercial life in order to make their voices heard.

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Questions remain despite Vatican-China agreement on bishop appointments

By Michael Sainsbury 
China’s ruling Communist Party continues to persecute at least half of China’s more than 12 million Catholics despite last September’s agreement with the Vatican on the appointment of bishops.