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Praying for the Church in China without missing the point

Michel Chambon
May 24 has since 2007 been a day of prayer for the Catholic Church in China. At that time, Pope Benedict invited all Catholics, especially Chinese Catholics, to embrace the special day by renewing their faith in Jesus and striving for unity.
Echoing this, Pope Francis has encouraged prayers asking that Chinese Catholics make concrete gestures of “fraternity, harmony and reconciliation.”

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Dialogue with China: Small steps toward mutual trust

Hong Kong (SE): In early May, the Vatican News website began publishing a series of articles to give insights on the criteria and reasons guiding the Holy See in its contacts with the Chinese government.

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Southern Asia’s year of worshipping dangerously

Of course, it is almost impossible to get past the ongoing visceral horror of the plight of Myanmar’s ethnic Muslim Rohingya people; over 650,000 of them brutally forced from their homes onto the margins of existence into crowded, inadequate, life-threatening refugee camps.