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People rely on modern slavery for cheap goods cardinal says

BUENOS AIRES (CNS): “We want cheaper goods, illegal or immoral pleasure, cheap services for our bodies or for our cars. We are part of the demand met by modern-day slaves, part of the processes by which this slavery is one of the most profitable criminal activities in the world,”
Vincent Nichols Cardinal of Westminster, said on February 8 as he sounded a warning of a return to slave-driven economies.

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Opposing human trafficking and modern slavery

Church and police authorities and non-government organisations (NGOs) recently came together at the Vatican under the Santa Marta Group headed by Vincent Cardinal Nichols to discuss and share their experiences and listen to each other. They discussed greater cooperation in combating the global scourge and horrific crimes of human trafficking of vulnerable people into modern slavery. Cooperation is absolutely essential to finding an efficient global response and local action to save the victims and challenge the criminals.