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Pope Francis by the numbers

VATICAN (CNS): In just five years as leader of the universal Church, Pope Francis has made 22 international trips, travelling 249,297 kilometres—the equivalent of six times around the world.
The pope has also declared 880 new saints, including the martyrdom of an estimated 800 Italian laypeople killed by Ottoman soldiers in the 15th century.
The Vatican released those numbers, detailing the many papal events, documents, travels and accomplishments over the past five years, and more on March 17. 

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Mercy at the centre of five years of papacy

The 13th of March will mark the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ pontificate. Over the past five years, he has brought the Catholic Church new life. In particular, his concern for the poor and the disadvantaged in words and deeds, and his commitment to the promotion of peace have greatly impressed people within and outside the Church.
What is most impressive is that he stresses on the Church to “go out” to care for the poor and to practise social teaching.