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Anguish in the Philippines as lush lands become killing fields

Belligerents in Asia’s longest-running armed conflict have left residents on Negros, the Philippines’ fourth largest island, terrorised over the last two weeks of July.
Armed men killed 21 people in 10 days, now 300 elite police commandos have headed for the island, which has two provinces and a population of four million people.

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Philippine priests advised to undergo lifestyle check

Manila (UCAN): Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of San Carlos, the Philippines, head of the Episcopal Commission on Seminaries, prelate told a gathering of more than a hundred priests in early March that priests need to undergo a lifestyle check to see if they are living their mission as followers of Christ.
The bishop suggested that even their choice of gadgets should be scrutinised. “Are we satisfied with a workable phone or should I have the latest Blackberry or iPhone?” he wondered.

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