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Martyr for Chinese people snubbed by ambassador

LOTTUM (SE): Dismay at a triple diplomatic snub from the Chinese ambassador to the Netherlands was expressed by the mayor of Horts, when the diplomatic representative of Beijing in The Hague failed to acknowledge three separate invitations to attend the baptism of a special rose that has been struck in memory of Bishop Frans Schraven.

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The leaves held their breath

Zhang shook hands with me in the guesthouse of the Trappist Abbey in Hong Kong. A real representative of China’s welfare; a belt too much tightened, dividing his obese abdomen in two, and an almost square head and a neck a little too short.

He came from Beijing together with his wife for a long weekend in this abbey. There is a large language barrier between us. At our first acquaintance I understood from his gestures that he wanted to know my nationality. But Holland meant nothing to him.