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A mandate to continue his mission

Matthew does not describe the ascension of Jesus as the Acts of the Apostles do but, using different images, he suggests the same message. Unlike Luke and John, he places the encounter with the Risen Lord not in Jerusalem, but in Galilee.
This geographical setting has a theological value: the evangelist wants to say that the mission of the apostles begins where their master had begun.

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One life many things to do

In my Father’s house there are many rooms... Yet you know the way where I am going (vv.2-4). Jesus is implying that he must walk down a difficult path. He adds that his disciples should know the way extremely well, because he had often spoken about it.
Thomas replies on behalf of all: we do not know this way and we cannot guess where you want to go. Jesus explains that he himself will be the first to run the way once his mission is accomplished, then he will come back and will take the disciples with him.

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Recognise him in the Eucharist!