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Enough is never enough

When Matthew writes to a despondent community disappointed that the second coming of the Lord had not happened as they expected, he repurposes the original story that Jesus had addressed to Israel to sooth the despair of the glum and disappointed Christians.

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Offer your life if you don’t want to lose it

The apostles were convinced that the kingdom of God was imminent. But they believed in an earthly kingdom. 
They had followed Jesus to see their dreams of glory fulfilled. The only question pending was to determine who would be entitled to the first places of honour (Mark 9:34).

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Discovery that changes your name and life

One day, near the city of Philippi, Jesus addresses two questions to the apostles. “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” and “Who do you say I am?”

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Faith matures in crisis

When evening came” indicates in the symbolic language of the evangelist the conclusion of Jesus’ day. It is the end of his life. It is the moment in which he climbs the mountain alone, moves away from the crowds and definitely enters the world of God.
This is why the disciples find themselves in the dark. Darkness is the image of disorientation; doubt that captures even the most convinced believer. At times, even one who is driven by a strong faith feels alone.

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Contemplating his transfigured face

The mountain, in the bible—as, indeed, among all peoples of antiquity—was the site of the encounter with God.
In Exodus 24 we find that after six days (Exodus 24:16) Moses went up; he did not go alone, but took Aaron, Nadab and Abihu with him (Exodus 24:19), and was enveloped in a cloud.
It is enough to conclude that, with these Old Testament allusions, the evangelist intends to communicate a message. He intends to present Jesus as the new Moses.

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Ang pagbabagong anyo ni Hesus

Maraming paraan upang baguhin ang kaanyuan ng isang tao. Mayroong nag iiba ang itsura dahil sa klase ng gupit o ayos ng buhok, suot na damit, make-up, pagtaba, pag-kulubot ng balat, pagpapaputi, o pagsailalim sa cosmetic surgery. Sa ganitong tema ng pagbabagong anyo tayo dinadala ng ating kapistahang ipinagdiriwang ngayong Linggo. 

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The joy of discovering a treasure

By pure accident a man discovers a treasure in the field he is working. He hides it, goes to sell everything he has and buys that field. 
The poor farmer, attracted by the unmistakable sparkle of a golden object that has emerged from the ground, immediately thought that, under the clods, an immense wealth could be hidden. He did not want to lose even a crumb, so he decided to buy the whole field.

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The impatient man and the calm God

Through three parables Jesus gradually reveals the mystery of the kingdom of heaven and explains the enigma of the existence of evil.
In the parable of the seed and weed, the owner represents God. He is the one who sows, the one responsible of the quality of the seed.
The seeds are defined as being good. Creation is good as the seed of the word announced by Jesus is good.

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Four types of ground in the same heart

In the parable of the sower, we notice the large quantities of seed wasted in a barren land. The insistence on waste: failure and disappointment is an important element in this parable.
It reflects the reality of the world in which evil appears much stronger, more efficient than good. Note also its progressive, relentless dominance: the seed does not sprout, that which sprouts does not grow, that which grows is suffocated.

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Small is the only honorific in heaven

The solemn exclamation with which today’s gospel begins is one of the few prayers of Jesus reported in the gospels: “Father, Lord of heaven and earth… revealed them to simple people.”
Jesus states a fact: the poor, the humble, the marginalised are the first to welcome his word of deliverance. They feel the need of God’s tenderness. They hunger and thirst for righteousness. They are blessed because for them, the kingdom of God has come.