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Prayers for reconciliation amid violence

HONG KONG (SE): Around 1,000 people gathered at the Victoria Park music pavilion in Causeway Bay at 2.00pm for a prayer service prior to joining the massive July 1 protest rally—this year marking 22 years since the handover to China.
The prayer service was organised by the Justice and Peace Commission, the Diocesan Commission for Labour Affairs, the Hong Kong Federation of Catholic students, the Hong Kong Christian Institute, the Christian Social Concern Fellowship as well as a number of other Protestant groups.

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Journeying with young people amid social controversy

With the massive July 1 rally, 550,000 Hong Kong people from all walks of life continued to call for the withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill and removal of the “riot” label tacked on to the protests of June 12. The will of the people was clearly seen.