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Innocent children fall to the guilty guns of justice

The president of The Philippines is touting the success of his campaign against suspected drug dealers and drug users, but the killing of a 17-year-old grade 11 student, Kian Loyd delos Santos, in an anti-drug operation in mid-August, during which as many as 94 people were shot dead by police, is just one too many.

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Monsignor charged with human trafficking

The recent arrest of a monsignor accused of trafficking a 13-year old minor who was arrested with a child in his car on the way to a motel in Marikina is highly unusual. The parish priest is being charged with a violation of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act.

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The greatest thing about being human

The desire and longing to be a free and fully human is perhaps the deepest and strongest need of every person. It seems all creatures want freedom.
Birds want to fly from the cage, beasts to roam the land, monkeys to swing in the trees and fish to swim in the seas.

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Australia cancels passports of paedophiles

Nothing is more disgusting or repugnant than men who have been convicted of paedophilia travelling freely to poor countries.

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Child brides just long-standing custom or cultural paedophilia?

Since she was 11-years-old, Jazell has been forced to live with a man around 30 years her senior.
She has been treated as if she is his wife, living in the house with him, cooking, cleaning and constantly being sexually abused.
She became pregnant at 14 and, like a normal wife, had a baby. Her father approved and the community seemed to ignore it or consented to it by looking the other way.

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Resurrection is immersion in others’ suffering


This is a week for Christians to review their lives and ask if they practice the values they say they live by. 


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Cybersex fortress of The Philippines

A photograph of the who’s who of Philippine commerce is in itself a kind of pornography, as they represent the 0.0001 per cent of the population that determine how much can be spared for the support of the other 103 million people in the country.

The Philippines has 21 billionaires, according to Forbes Magazine, with 2016 creating a record for that number And the daddy of them all, retail and property mogul, Henry Sy, can boast a net worth of US$13.7 billion ($106.18 billion).

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Who is dying in the war on the poor?

Bennie had a thin, hollow face. A picture of malnutrition at 22-years-of-age, he had never been to school for more than a few months, could not read or write and was a one-meal a day man.

He was dressed in shorts and a dirty T-Shirt. His flip-flops, his only possession, were worn thin. He pushed a small wooden cart along the back streets of Manila picking up discarded plastic bottles and bits of metal that fell off jeepneys or trucks. He was a discarded piece of humanity.

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The Christmas lights of the hill

Hiking uphill through the hot tropical afternoon to the Aeta village of Baliwit, San Marcelino, carrying our loaded backpacks was a challenge in itself. But the happy thought of bringing some Christmas cheer into the lives of the extremely poor indigenous people kept us going.

Our mission was to bring Christmas lights into their lives. For us, we discovered it to be inspiring and encouraging.

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A fulfilling Christmas joy

What is it that makes Christmas so beautiful, so cheerful and such a happy time, especially for children? It has to be the gift-giving, the time when children can look forward to receiving signs of love and care, as well as share a bit.

Children in some well-off families receive so many gifts through the year that getting more has no special impact on them. But there are the children in poor families to whom a gift at Christmas is a joy they never forget, because they have so little in this world.