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Notice Board - What to do if children fail in exams?

Parents should first identify the problems, like, if the lesson is too hard, the child is not doing the homework, being absent from school, under a lot of stress or having health problems? Talking to the child’s teacher is of a big help too. Ask the teacher’s opinions about what the child needs to do to pass the class. Lastly, work together closely with the child to develop a plan to address the failing grades. Sometimes a child isn’t all that motivated or just get bored with a particular subject.

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Notice Board - My mom is God’s precious gift to me

A mother for me is a shoulder to cry and lean on. A one call away psychologist who will understand and give you advice helpful in life. The foundation of our whole being. Without them we won’t be what we are today. She is a tireless woman who will do everything and anything to give us what we want and what we need. She is that one person who is happy to see her children happy, a person who treats her children as her life. 

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Notice Board - Challenge of a single mom

It is not a big deal if you are a single parent as long as you can provide for the needs of your child. For me, I will raise my child the best that I can. There’s a saying that “what you sow is what you reap.” Be a friend and family aside from being a parent through guiding and disciplining. Let them feel the importance of tender loving care and attention as well.  
 — Sheryl Besare

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Love our enemies

You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of 
your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:43-45)
Is there any tougher commandment than to love our enemies? We are not to simply tolerate them or do kind things for them, but we are told to love them.

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The meaning of true love

True love... means to share not only with our 
                  friends, but with the least privileged, the 
                  poorest of the poor, and our forgotten 
                  brothers and sisters in Christ.
True love... means to talk personally not only with

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Notice Board - Will your employer ask for your advice?


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Notice Board

Church opens on Nineveh Plains
TELLESKUF (SE): The Christian community of Telleskuf on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq gathered on December 14 for the re-consecration of the first Chaldean Catholic Church of St. George since the expulsion of the Islamic State from the region.

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To a beloved person in heaven

For my grandmother in heaven, I miss you so much and I love you so much. I always think of you and how sweet and caring you were to me even when I was little.
I remember that I used to sleep beside you more often than my mother. You would give me surprises, like a birthday party that you promised me when I was in grade school. I enjoyed travelling with you too. You gave me the happiest day of my life. Thank you grandma for all the good memories you shared with me.

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Rise Marawi, Rise!

Finally, the siege in Marawi has ended and the city has been declared liberated from the terrorist group.
During the quite long months of the siege, the people of Marawi have suffered tragically and painfully. They are now displaced, hungry, wounded, frightened and stressed physically and emotionally.