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Church opens on Nineveh Plains
TELLESKUF (SE): The Christian community of Telleskuf on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq gathered on December 14 for the re-consecration of the first Chaldean Catholic Church of St. George since the expulsion of the Islamic State from the region.

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To a beloved person in heaven

For my grandmother in heaven, I miss you so much and I love you so much. I always think of you and how sweet and caring you were to me even when I was little.
I remember that I used to sleep beside you more often than my mother. You would give me surprises, like a birthday party that you promised me when I was in grade school. I enjoyed travelling with you too. You gave me the happiest day of my life. Thank you grandma for all the good memories you shared with me.

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Rise Marawi, Rise!

Finally, the siege in Marawi has ended and the city has been declared liberated from the terrorist group.
During the quite long months of the siege, the people of Marawi have suffered tragically and painfully. They are now displaced, hungry, wounded, frightened and stressed physically and emotionally.

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Notice Board

Cry my beloved Philippines
Once the week has claimed its quota of blood
and it drains into the gutters
That’s when the faithful feel
the streets are clean enough for them
to wear their Sunday shoes
• Unidentified
They tell us we are safer now,
tell us to keep our eyes down

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Back home during my vacation

What I was looking forward to when I went home for my vacation was bonding with my family. I had a great vacation recently. We didn’t go to other places besides our farm. We took our bath near the river, picked fruit, harvested vegetables and played with my nephews. And of course not to forget our food trip. I ate whatever food came to my mind as I know I won’t be able to eat them here in Hong Kong.
— Hezel Arceta

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St. Alfred’s Got Talent

The St. Alfred Guitarists held their first thanksgiving celebration at the parish hall in Shatin on July 9. The theme for the day was Showcasing Our God Given Talents. The programme featured a mixture of Christian songs, love melodies and rock.
It was an afternoon of praying while playing, as the strings of the guitars spelled out the prayer of the fingers that plucked them.

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On going back home

We just finished a three-in-one celebration month at our parish—birthdays for the month of July; as well as the anniversaries of the Mother of Divine Grace praesidium and Mary Help of Christians praesidium, and lastly, my farewell party on July 23.

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Waiting is the farmer’s game

Being a farmer is not an easy job. Every day farmers wake up as early as cock crow to go out to the fields and also to tend their animals like the carabao, the cow and the goat. They also love to raise chickens, ducks and geese.

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Our call to mission

HONG KONG (SE): A celebration of the 50th year of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was held at the hall of the Sing Yin Secondary School in Clearwater Bay Road, Kowloon, on August 13. 
Around 1,000 people from the Chinese- and English-speaking charismatic communities gathered for the occasion.
The Chinese-speaking community ran a songs of praise session prior to a worship session led by Jing Mendoza, from the Loved Flock Charismatic Community.

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Thoughts about the martial law in Mindanao

I was shocked by the declaration of martial law and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. Under martial law, the just and lasting peace every Filipino family aspires for will be unreachable. When there is no just and lasting peace, human rights abuses and violence will reign over our Mindanao. The imposition of martial law will only worsen the present critical condition of human rights in there.