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Tribute to the heroes

On June 12 Philippine Independence Day was celebrated in different parts of the country or even by Filipinos abroad. But what more touching was the giving of honour and respect to all the marines, armed forces and police who have died in the war in Marawi city in Mindanao. It was a heartbreaking moment seeing many coffins with the lifeless bodies inside. Fighting to their last breath for our country due to the love for service, they deserved honour and respect.  

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Moments with my father

When I was young my father loved to sing me songs and his favourite was The Impossible Dream. And when I grew up we used to sing together. We both love to sing and that is what I inherited from him—a talent for singing. I was told that I inherited his voice. I really miss him. He has been gone for more than a decade and his memory will forever remain.

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Fountain of joyful grace

“Come to me 
all you who are weary and
burdened, and I will give you rest”(Matthew 11:28)
God is good and wonderful 
in all his creation
He made us 
through divine inspiration
walking hand in hand 
in our holy vocation
to bring all souls 
with the gift of salvation.
God’s endless love 

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Why am I proud of being a Filipino?

We are known for being hospitable in a sense of being open-hearted towards 
everyone we meet.
Filipinos are selfless when it comes to caring about theirfamilies. We are glad to see our families happy. And, living in a Catholic country, people have a strong faith in God.
 — Maybelle Baltazar

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My precious moment

I have set the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved” (Psalm16:8). This reading from the Psalms is related to my real life.

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How can we encourage a friend who has lost hope?

Giving them encouragement is essential. I will encourage him or her to hold to God. Let that person understand that there is no problem that can never be solved. We just need to be patient.
 — Gemma Belarmino

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Be my guiding light

Day by day,
send forth 
your Holy Spirit
O Lord,
To show me the path of
righteousness and salvation.
With my simple heart filled
with faith and trust
in you alone,
That my humble soul
will rejoice with all your
holy commandments.
Yes, come, Holy Spirit
of the living God
and be my guiding light.
Bless, O Lord,
my human eyes to see that

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Are you happy with the food from your employer?

I am blessed to have a kind employer like my present one. I am free to eat any food in the house. I can cook whatever food I want to cook. I have a complete meal daily including snacks. I have a balanced diet, because I am a person who is health conscious.
 — Rachel Cabral

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Wind beneath my wings

Walking down the seafront alone,
Where I can find peace on my own.
On this lovely and quiet afternoon,
People may come and go, 
but they will leave me with a sweet smile and hello!
All I have at the moment,
Is wind beneath my wings
Whispering to me how good God is,
Embracing me with all the love that it has to offer.
Telling me sweetly how precious I am in God’s sight.
Guiding my humble feet to the right path of life.

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Disagreements with my mum

I had an argument with my mother during my high school years. Being the youngest among three siblings, I was quite a spoiled brat who always got what she wanted. My mum cried because of my attitude, though finally she gave in and granted me what I wanted. I felt regretful for my stubbornness. I realised that I would not be able to see the world without her.