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About Lily — A poem to Sanna

Lily passed away one Sunday morning in spring,

when the sunlight is warm

Our love is with her.


That Saturday morning

She left home early for the university.

She told us that she would come home early for dinner

after her service in church.

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Put away your gavel

Sitting high in the judgement seat keeps us from getting on our knees. Matthew 7:1 says, “Do not judge others so that God will not judge you.”

Many celebrities act like judges. Some even have their own television shows where they scold, cajole and sentence those who are invited on the show. Sometimes it is tempting to put on the long black robes ourselves and pass judgement on others. It is easy for us to see their faults and pronounce them guilty.

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Jesus Christ is mercy

Notre Dame parish in Ma Tau Wei, Kowloon, held a whole day celebration of Mercy Sunday on April 3.

The day began with a Mass in Chinese at 8.00am celebrated by Father Joseph So Chi-chu and the exposition of the blessed sacrament at noon, followed by the recitation of the Chaplet of Mercy, also in Chinese. The sacrament of reconciliation was available throughout the day.

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Keeping the spirit of optimism in suffering

A typhoon is just a common phenomenon in The Philippines. Somehow, Filipinos are used to it. We are no longer surprised by all the devastating natural and human-made calamities, tragedies and damage they cause every time.

Typhoons happen one after another. They bring heavy rain, strong winds and landslides. They ruin homes, lives, crops, livestock, roads and infrastructure alike. Even fallen trees and logs simply float away.

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Hear the cry of children

Children complete a family, while family composes a society. A family with children is a blessing from God.

There are many problems and threats a family is facing. Apart from broken homes and families, children and young adults have changed a lot. This selfish and materialistic world has influenced the upbringing of many of our children. They become lazy and disrespectful to their elders.

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Are you going to vote in the election?

No I am not going to vote this coming election because I am not on the certified list of overseas voters from the Comelec. Nevertheless, I always pray to our Almighty God that those candidates in this coming election will be better than the previous ones. May the voters be guided by the Holy Spirit to choose the right candidates that will truly serve the country unselfishly.


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God is no statistician

In contempory society, people are normally judged by numbers, such as how much money they grossed last year or how many new clients they brought in.

Given the world’s view of success, it is easy to assume that God thinks the same way. Some people tend to focus on Church attendance, number of volunteer activities or the amount of money they put into the offering.

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I am proud of you!

to my former students who graduated in 1985

I always miss my students who graduated in 1985. Their young faces and behaviour are always in my mind. I love them so much for they are such a special class that I can never forget.

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Do you support the K-12 education system?

Yes, I am in favour of K-12 system (Kindergarten to Year 12), because it will further develop my child’s ability and help them prepare for a better future. This programme gives them choices on what to do and who to be after the programme or before they reach university. Just like in other countries with this programme, jobs and chances of working are better after high school due to skills and subjects that have been taught during their K-12 years.