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Are Chinese New Year customs easy for you?

This is my fifth year celebrating the Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong. I don’t find anything wrong in following the Chinese practices during this festivity. I am also used to it. Since we are working here, I think we need to respect and adapt to their customs and traditions. I am always happy and excited to do what must be done in this occasion.

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A new year and a Holy Door opened

On January 1, around 2,000 people gathered at the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Tai Po to witness the ceremony of the Opening of the Door of Mercy, which was presided over by John Cardinal Tong Hon.

The cardinal began the proceedings with the rite of introduction outside the church, saying, “Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Mother of God and open the Door of Mercy as instructed by Pope Francis. Let us now call upon the mercy of God.”

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Kindness in the Jubilee of Mercy

May the merciful love of Jesus give us a chance to share with others, so that we may be able to help all people in need.

During a Mass on the Third Sunday of Advent celebrated by Father Luigi Bonalumi, the gospel reading (Luke 3:10-18) told us about the invitation from John the Baptist to change our way of life, in order to experience God’s forgiveness and to obtain peace to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

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My shepherd and I

I turned a deaf ear

when you called me back in a storm.

I hid myself but you looked for me

and left the rest of the lambs aside.

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What are the ways to improve your attention span?

I reduce my wasted time at work. Often, I find myself wasting time in surfing some favourite websites or something interesting to read. My best way to eliminate all distractions is to leave my phone in voice mail mode and check important messages in a short session.

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The Lord’s Prayer

When I experience loneliness or if I am planning to do something I just start to pray the Lord’s Prayer without even being aware of it. This prayer gives me a positive mood to start with and peace of mind.

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Can you open up to your employer?

It depends on the situation. When my problem is about my work and I cannot manage it even though I tried my best to fix it, I had better open up with my employer. 

However, if it is a personal matter not related to my work, I would rather not tell her as long as I can manage it. But if the problem is so disturbing and so hard to fix that I cannot focus on my work, I would tell her. I will share and explain the problem in a nice, constructive and specific way to my employer.

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Your album


Members of the Eucharistic Ministry commissioned by Father Vincent Corbelli after a Mass on January 10 at St. Jude’s, North Point.


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The future of our country still lies with our votes

The Philippine presidential election is fast approaching. One every six years for we have the privilege Filipinos to exercise our political will in choosing the leaders who will govern our country. 

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I am grateful to God for the past year because...
God communicated with me through all his wonderful works in my life last year. I am grateful that God was always by my side even when I faced affliction, pain, hardship and discouragement over the past year.  I realised God’s ever-loving presence is always there, no matter how hard things may be. Through ups and downs, he brought me out a stronger and more faithful individual. He opened my heart to understand the meaning of kindness, humility, mildness and patience, as well as restoring peace in my life.