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First Misa de Gallo in Tai Po

Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Tai Po held its first Misa de Gallo Masss on December 16. We feel blessed to have attended the first of these Masses celebrated by the parish priest, Father Luigi Bonalumi, Father Mark Serna and Father Paolo Ceruti. It was an historical Christmas event for us. The Christmas Novena Night Mass was held every night until Christmas Eve and each Mass was attended by more than 100 people.

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The farmer and the cow

Why can’t I have wings to fly with

like the free swallows?

Why do I have to work all day

and eat only grass or hay?

Why can’t people love me as pets

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Strong faith is unshakeable

Faith is an unquestioning belief in God. It is a perfect trust and confidence to his ever-loving presence, might and power. 

In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says, “I assure you that if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you would be able to say to this mountain.” Just by saying move from here to there it would move.

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How to avoid spending sprees at Christmas?


Christmas is a customary celebration for Filipinos. It is a season of gift-giving and merry-making. We have to spend wisely, give heartedly and remember that it is not on the value of the gift, but on the thought that comes with it.

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Mary Christmas!

You might get intrigued by the title, or you might say, “wrong spelling.”  Let me validate my greeting. The Christmas story: God-becoming Man, revolves around these two central figures, in the person of Mary and Christ.

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When love rules

I had heard about the movie Frozen, but I did not have the chance to watch it until my ward asked me to play the DVD and join her to watch. The movie was nice and the message of the story touched me so much. 

One of the lines in the story kept ringing in my mind. It says, “Only love can thaw a frozen heart.”

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Christ the King Eucharistic Procession

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

The Feast of Christ the King was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 during a time of secularism when God was forgotten in the lives of many. The feast is intended to proclaim Christ’s royalty over the human race.

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An awesome crèche for baby Jesus


O come, O come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel.

The liturgical year begins with the season of Advent. As a preparation for this season, our assistant parish priest, Father Cyril Cheung Lok-tin shared his time and effort by giving us a talk on how to embrace the Advent season meaningfully.

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Notice Board


How can we help the needy in the Year of Mercy?