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Are you happy with the food from your employer?

I am blessed to have a kind employer like my present one. I am free to eat any food in the house. I can cook whatever food I want to cook. I have a complete meal daily including snacks. I have a balanced diet, because I am a person who is health conscious.
 — Rachel Cabral

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Wind beneath my wings

Walking down the seafront alone,
Where I can find peace on my own.
On this lovely and quiet afternoon,
People may come and go, 
but they will leave me with a sweet smile and hello!
All I have at the moment,
Is wind beneath my wings
Whispering to me how good God is,
Embracing me with all the love that it has to offer.
Telling me sweetly how precious I am in God’s sight.
Guiding my humble feet to the right path of life.

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Disagreements with my mum

I had an argument with my mother during my high school years. Being the youngest among three siblings, I was quite a spoiled brat who always got what she wanted. My mum cried because of my attitude, though finally she gave in and granted me what I wanted. I felt regretful for my stubbornness. I realised that I would not be able to see the world without her.

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A mother’s love
A mother’s love 
is perfect and pure,
as she is so selfless
that pains and sufferings 
she will always endure.
Look at her simple heart,
so loving
at the very point of 
our life start.
No love on earth can surpass
a mother’s love
which is a true blessing
from heaven above.
She is sometimes gentle
like a sweet dove,

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Do you think all employees should get public holidays?