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Light in the darkness

When I was seriously ill, 

I was completely in the darkness.

So I went to church.

Suddenly I realised that nothing is important.

Riches, power, authority, beauty

or even health, family, friends

Only my God, my Almighty.

Don’t worry and be happy

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Our watchdogs

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the Devil

prowls around like a roaring lion looking for
someone to devour
(1 Peter 5:8).


Our two brother dogs are Jojo and Bruno,

Both of them are watchful and never say, ‘no!’

God has made them to guard us and our house,

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A successful community should have...

It is important to have unity among the members of a community. Another important factor is forgiveness. There is no perfect community and we all come from different backgrounds. So hurting each other is inevitable. Therefore forgiving one another is a must. 

Humility is another important factor. When we are united as one, when we cooperate with one another and we practice humility then we can have a successful community. 

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Love is the foundation

When two hearts are joined together in love,

They’re receiving this endless blessing from above.

God is watching over them from a distance,

Protecting and saving them
in every circumstance.


Everyday is a big challenge for both of them,

Lifting up these troubles to God above all men.

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A Lunar New Year blessing for my employer

May the Lord grant my employer and her family good health and longevity. I pray that the Lord will bless each one of them. I am thankful for their kindness to me, treating me as part of their family and trusting me. My wish is that their kindness will not change.

  — Jenny Ambrosio


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Dreaming the impossible dreams

Dream the impossible dreams

There is no war or violence

Peace and love is everywhere.

All families are built by hearts

no matter how small the houses are.


Caring, sharing and loving one another

The world is a global village.

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A white rosal flowers

Let it grow, let it grow, O Lord!

Let it grow as we pray for your glory

May its fragrance reach the heaven

Bringing joy to our heart’s satisfaction.

Let it grow, let it grow, O Lord!


Let it grow so white and we will be merry

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Depending on Christ every day

Devotion to Christ means depending on him every day. When you first begin a relationship with Jesus, you are like the fishermen of Galilee: you are asked to follow him. As you come to know him better, you realise that he is taking you to places where you must trust him completely.

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How many hours uninterrupted rest do you get?

My work usually finishes around 10:00pm and I sleep at 11:30 in the evening. I wake up around 7.00am and I still have enough sleep. But on Saturdays I get up around 8.00am. I fully support the proposal of migrant rights groups for maximum working hours, because as domestic workers we need enough rest and strength for the next day. If we don’t have enough sleep we will get weak and easily get sick.

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Thoughts at 55

When we age honestly,

we understand more about love.

When our physical eyesight dimmer,

our spiritual eyesight gets clearer.

As our body weakens,

our mind stays more willing.


After all the denials, the masks, the fears,